Licensed Hong Kong Marine Compass Adjuster
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We attend ocean going & coastal ships, high speed craft, local & visiting yachts & any vessel requiring magnetic compass adjustment and issuance of deviation card.

Our experienced compass adjuster holds a full licence issued by the Austrailian Maritime Safety Authority, which is recognised by the Hong Kong Marine Department & marine authorities worldwide, has adjusted magnetic compasses on many hundred vessels of all types & sizes & has installed new compass systems on fishing trawlers, sailing & motor yachts, merchant vessels & warships.

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A reliable & accurate magnetic compass is required on sea going vessels for safe navigation.
Merchant vessels are often subject to costly detentions by Port/State Control authorities should they fail to comply with this requirement.
Compass deviation error must not exceed 5 degrees on any heading.
After adjustment/calibration, we will issue certification & deviation curve/table, enabling vessels to meet all local & international requirements with regard to the magnetic compass, including those of:
  • Marine Department Hong Kong - ► Click here for requirements
  • IMO (SOLAS 74 Convention & HSC Code)
  • Port/State Control inspections
  • All Flag State administrations
  • Classification societies
  • Yachting federations
  • Insurers, etc
  • ISO 25862
  • Good seamanship
How often should a magnetic compass deviation card be issued?
SOLAS vessels at 2 year maximum intervals* (annually if transiting the Panama Canal) & ALL vessels when any of the following apply:
On a new vessel
After periods of lay up
A new compass is installed
Deviation exceeds 5 degrees on any heading
After trauma, such as lightning strike, grounding, fire, etc
Compass performance is unsatisfactory or unreliable
A record of compass deviation has not been kept
After alterations & additions to vessel's structure & equipment
Repairs involving welding, cutting, grinding, etc may affect the compass
Electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered
Compass deviation does not correspond with that shown on deviation card
The validity period of the deviation card set by the national or state marine authority is due to expire

* Check with Flag State marine authority for any additional requirements.
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